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Hi, I’m Sadie, a curly-headed hair artist from Syracuse, NY with a passion for styling beautiful hair using safe, healthy products and techniques. I started doing hair because I wanted to understand my own. I know how tough it can be to find time to style your hair, especially when your hair seems to defy you at every turn. In nineteen years, I’ve worked with every kind of hair you can think of, and for the past nine years, I’ve dedicated myself to all things curly, wavy, kinky, and natural. I’m into the simple, natural look myself. I’m a certified DevaCurl stylist and have also taken years of classes on curly hair care and styling from a variety of educators and institutions. I love learning about the latest new colors, and styles, then applying them for results that truly wow the client. I practice a method called intuitive cutting, where I get to know each person’s unique hair texture and what they need to look and feel their best. I’ve experimented with all kinds of products, and the ones I kept coming back to again and again were safe, gentle, and sustainable. Now, those products are all I use at my studio. There’s nothing I love more in my work than to witness the transformation of someone coming to love their hair instead of fighting it. Here, you get not only the perfect cut but education on the care and styling of your hair that fits into your routine so you can love your hair every day.



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