Join over 16,000 Waste Warriors who are keeping people and the planet beautiful.

  • Be Green

    Recover up to 95% of your salon’s beauty waste like hair clippings, foils and color tubes, while also becoming carbon-neutral.

  • Gain Clients

    84% of salon guests care about a salon’s environmental impact. Grow your business while being an industry leader and making a difference.

  • Build Revenue

    Whether you’re an independent artist or have a team of 100, get help setting up a simple revenue-building program that supports environmental and financial sustainability.

  • Save Money

    Use additional revenue to invest in environmentally friendly technologies, which conserves energy, reduces waste, and saves you more money.

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Single Use Items

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Give Beauty Waste a New Life Learn the facts. Be the change.

Hair Clippings

Today, 63,000 pounds of hair gets thrown away every day. Every garbage bag of hair produces greenhouse gases as it tries to break down, which contributes to climate change.

You can help change that.
Find out what we do with hair clippings.

Excess Hair Color

Today, over 42,000 pounds of excess hair color, lightener and toner is thrown away every day. When rinsed down the drain, it can find its way back into our drinking water and soil.

You can help change that.
Find out what we do with excess hair color.

Used Metals

Today, over 110,000 pounds of used metal, including hair foils, is thrown away every day in salons in North America. That’s over half the weight of a commercial airplane.

You can help change that.
Find out what we do with used metals.

PPE Waste

Although PPE is necessary to keep salon guests and staff safe, it means added waste. Our PPE program recovers materials like gloves, masks and disinfectant wipes and gives it a new life.

Single Use Items

Today, single use items – like nail files, waxing strips and cotton swabs – make up a large portion of beauty waste that ends up in our landfills.

You can help change that.
Find out what we do with used single use items.

Papers & Plastics

Today, more than half the waste thrown away in salons is paper and plastic. If not properly recycled, these items clutter our landfills. For salons that don’t have access to a local recycling program, we recycle their paper and plastics.

Thanks to our 16,000+ Waste Warriors, this is the total amount of beauty waste we’ve kept out of landfills and waterways since 2009.


Picture of Alicia Lumsden, Toronto ON
It’s important to be as sustainable as possible to give back to the earth. Clients want to contribute their dollars to something that’s actually making a change.

Alicia Lumsden, Toronto ON

Picture of Mikel Sandoval, Tampa FL
Putting all of our colour waste into one container has helped our team monitor excess. We have changed our process and found savings.

Mikel Sandoval, Tampa FL

Picture of Chantelle Pasychny, Victoria BC
Clients come find us because of our sustainability. The eco side of things is something we all need to be mindful of.

Chantelle Pasychny, Victoria BC

Picture of David Abrams, Santa Monica CA
Not only did our team embrace sustainability, but our clients embraced it, many of them thanked us for going that extra mile for the planet.

David Abrams, Santa Monica CA

Picture of Gerry Rammelkamp, Tampa FL
It was eye opening to see how much waste our salon actually created.

Gerry Rammelkamp, Tampa FL

Picture of Philip Ferreira, Victoria BC
Green Circle is a big part of helping us reach our goal of being a Zero Waste salon. In this day and age, it’s not only important to reduce waste, it’s imperative we do.

Philip Ferreira, Victoria BC

Picture of Heather Wenman, London ON
Our guests know and appreciate how much we care as a full service salon barber and spa studios about our planet

Heather Wenman, London ON

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