We Are Changemakers

As the world faces a serious global climate change crisis, it’s important now more than ever to stand up together and make change happen.


We’re proud to have over 16,000 members across North America who are making an impact – one bag of beauty waste at a time. Together, we’re showing our guests and our communities that we make beauty, not waste.

The world is facing a climate crisis. But we’re fighting back.

1,713,476 lbs

of beauty waste was kept out of landfills and waterways by Green Circle Salon Members last year.

203,000 kWh

of clean energy was generated from Waste to Energy last year.

That’s enough to charge 13,500,000 smartphones!

51 metric tons

of CO2 was prevented by keeping 143 metric tons of single use items out of the landfill last year.

That’s the same as taking 10 cars off the road for a year!

Our certifications


B Corp Certified

Green Circle Salons became a Certified B Corporation in 2019. Certified B Corps are companies committed to using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Our certification demonstrates that we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. It also means we’ve assessed how our practices impact our employees, our community, customers and the environment. 

We’re proud to join more than 3,200 B Corps globally who are leaders in change. To learn more about our certification, check out our B Corp profile

carbon trust

Zero Waste to Landfill Certified from Carbon Trust

In 2019, Green Circle Salons achieved a Zero Waste to Landfill Certification through the Carbon Trust Standard. Zero waste to landfill means that no non-hazardous waste is sent to the landfill or for incineration without energy recovery. This is important because waste is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and global resource depletion. 

To learn more about the Carbon Trust, visit their website.

Other Ways We’ve Given Back

In partnership with Redken, we donated 1,000 pounds of hair clippings to support the environmental cleanup after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
We donated hair clippings and helped turn them into pet beds to help families that had lost their homes or been separated from their pets during the Fort McMurray forest fire.
As a holiday gift on behalf of our salons, we donated 3,000 trees, which were planted in the US and Canada.
We donated $6400 to the Amazon Conservation Team to help fuel recovery efforts on behalf of our new member salons.
We donated 5,000 lbs of hair and a felting machine, which is a specialized piece of manufacturing equipment used to make hair mats, to Matter of Trust. One of our partners who makes hair mats to clean up oil spills.


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