• 1. Join the Movement

    Become a certified Sustainable Salon and join over 16,000 Waste Warriors who are making a difference.

  • 2. Tell Your Guests

    Celebrate your decision. Show your guests that you’re helping protect the planet and that by choosing you, they are too. We’ll send you marketing materials to help you start the conversation.

  • 3. Collect Your Salon’s Beauty Waste

    Begin collecting beauty waste. That includes hair clippings, used foils, color tubes, excess hair color, paper, plastic and more.

  • 4. Give Waste a New Life

    Simply ship the beauty waste you’ve collected back to us and we’ll work with our partners to turn it into new products or clean energy. Our Green Guarantee means your beauty waste won’t end up in a landfill or waterway.

Do it for your business

Grow your business and outshine the competition by attracting new guests and employees who share your passion.

When you sign up, you’ll be listed in the world’s largest Green Salon Directory and receive promotional materials to start the conversation with your guests.

Do it for your guests

84% of salon guests think it’s important for salons to take action and reduce their environmental impact.

Empower guests to make a sustainable choice and show them you’re an industry leader.

Do it for your planet

Salons create 877 pounds of waste every single minute.

When you become a Certified Sustainable Salon, we’ll help you divert up to 95% of your beauty waste and save money to reinvest in other green products.


Whether you’re a team of 1 or 100, we offer customized programs that help you build revenue and fund your program.

  • Create new revenue
  • Invest money generated into other sustainable initiatives for your business
  • Self-fund your green transformation

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Get Informed

Challenge the status quo. Be a fearless Waste Warrior.

What happens to beauty waste?

Find out where the beauty waste goes after it leaves your salon.

How do we help the planet?

Find out what we are doing to keep people and the planet beautiful.


Thank you for taking the time to build out your custom program estimate. You are one step closer to starting your journey to make people and the planet beautiful.

You have qualified for our Boutique program! This is an online opportunity for salons that need less program supervision from Green Circle Salons to participate in the mission to Make Beauty Beautiful.

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*Based on charging your clients an Environmental Stewardship Fee (ESF) of $2 per visit.

2) Amount sent to Green Circle Salons to cover program costs: starting at $ per client: $ per month*

3) Salon revenue for you to invest in new cost-saving green technologies like LED lighting, low-flow faucets, etc:

$ per month*

$ per year*

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*These numbers are estimates only. Program costs are dependent on the type of beauty waste you send to us.