By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to:

Engage with Green Circle Salons to provide you with recycling collections services for human hair and used hair salon products such as foil, colour tubes, product containers, paper and plastics (collectively “Materials”). You will build an Environmental Stewardship Fee or “ESF” into the cost of each client visit at the rate mutually agreed upon by you and Green Circle Salons. You will report to Green Circle Salons the number of ESF charges you have made to your clients in that calendar month. By the [15th] day of the following calendar month, Green Circle Salons will charge you for its recycling services you have used in an amount equal to the ESF charges you reported (OR your agreed upon average monthly payment), plus all applicable taxes due on that charge. We will charge you for our services only the ESF amount reported by you, plus all applicable taxes. Prices are subject to change within 60 days of receiving a written notice from Green Circle Salons.

You will send your collections of Materials to Green Circle Salons either by (i) “handpick” (collection of Materials via Green Circle logistics staff) or (ii) “hAIRmail” (collections services via 3rd party courier) in shipping boxes provided by Green Circle Salons. For hAIRmail pick up, the Materials must be boxed by you and ready for pick up by the courier service during your usual hours of operation of your salon. Green Circle Salons will set the frequency of pickup based on your reported client volume (which pickup frequency you may ask to change at any time by contacting Green Circle Salons). Green Circle Salons reserves the right to change the method or frequency of pickup of the Materials at any time, with a one month notice given prior to the frequency changes going into effect. A reduction in frequency of collection occurs in cases that the ESF amount being remitted by your salon decreases.

Green Circle Salons will be your exclusive service provider for the materials selected above on this registration form. You will not landfill, dispose of, or send these materials to any other party, recycling company, waste management company or environmental company, unless you are currently in a contractual relationship with a 3rd party waste hauler (directly or inside a binding lease agreement) or the municipality you are located in. Once the aforementioned contractual relationships expire or come up for renewal, Green Circle will at that point become your sole provider for the management of the materials selected above.

You may choose to omit the ESF charges for your clients purchasing only hair products but not services, or for your clients receiving complimentary services, or such services discussed with your Green Circle Educator that are mutually agreed upon with us in writing, or for clients who specifically ask to have the fee removed.

You may cancel your service at any time upon giving Green Circle Salons ten business days prior notice, by email to info@greencirclesalons.com, to allow us to stop collection scheduling and to account for offboarding procedures, at the discretion of Green Circle Salons. No refund will be given for services rendered prior to the effective date of your cancellation notice.

Should your account be delinquent in payment by 60 days, Green Circle Salons reserves the right to discontinue your service until payment is received. Should you wish to discontinue your service, the charges for services rendered to date are still payable up to the end of the cancellation notice period.

You are solely responsible for ensuring that you are in compliance with all consumer protection legislation in effect in your jurisdiction and that that any ESF that you charge is included in your communications or advertisements stating your pricing, such as (but not limited to) flyers, service menus, your website, coupons, price quotations given verbally, signage, or any listing of any kind which lists pricing for your services, in accordance with local law.

You give permission to Green Circle Salons to use the images, photos, artwork, logo designs and other visual files that you have submitted to Green Circle Salons. Green Circle Salons agrees not to use these visual files for any other purpose than promoting your salon in the green salon directory, unless otherwise agreed upon and expressed in writing.

You agree to pay Green Circle Salons for our services by credit card or electronic funds transfer. Green Circle Salons will send you a receipt for all payments to the email address set out above. I understand and accept these terms and conditions.